Six countries rugby | The halves of Marin and Da Re are among the six players who have not previously been in the Italy squad

Benetton No. 10 Marin and Da Re – registered at both Rovigo and Benetton – are two of the six uninvolved players including coach Kieran Crowley in the 33-man squad and are expected to support Paolo Garbessi’s current first half. .

Hooker Giacomo Nicotera, back rowers Toa Halafihi and Manuel Zuliani and rear triple pilot Tommaso Minoncello, all in the trade with Club Benetton, are the other men hoping to win the Azzurri’s first cap.

Indeed, the entire squad has a penchant for Benetton, with the Treviso-based club supplying 23 players compared to just five from Zepri Parma – another Italian professional franchise – plus a handful of players who play abroad.

Kana, who has 53 caps for Italy to his name, is missing along with prostitute and former captain Luca Pigi.

Bigi is expected to return from injury later this month, although he will likely be fit in time for the first round match between the Azzurri with France, but Crowley hasn’t completely closed the door on either man returning to the fold.

“I have complete confidence in the players we have chosen for this position [fly-half]Crowley said. “Obviously the player who lost is Carlo Cana.

“Carlo has been a fantastic servant for Italy and could remain so in the future. I have spoken to him about what I want to see from him in the next few matches with Zebre and the door is still open for him.

“But at the moment we are very comfortable with Garbisi, Marin and Da Re – who have played well for Italy A and Italy Emergenti.

“I see Da Ri as a player who can play in 10 – he has a very good vision there. He is a heads-up player looking for space, so I see him at the age of 10 but he is also able to play at the age of 15.

“He also has a knack with his speed to be a winger – he has a lot of versatility so we’ll look at using him in those situations.

“I have discussed with Bigi that he needs to take some time to play and then we will then consider whether he will be selected as the next pick.”

Legendary rower Sergio Baresi has also been offered a call-up and a final in the Azzurri jersey, having already announced his retirement from rugby at the end of the season.

But given his recent limited playing time with Toulon due to injury and the cancellation of Covid, Crowley says the decision will have to wait until he names his next team after his first week of rest.

Crowley added: “Sergio broke his hand, came back from that and played 50 minutes of rugby for his club and they haven’t played for the past few weeks due to the situation with Covid.”

“He’s basically had 50 minutes of rugby in the last few months. When we discussed, we decided the plan was for him to play for his club – they have four games in the next four weeks – and then we’ll reconsider him choosing Ireland (third round) and the last two matches.”

“He’s seeing that he needs to get his confidence back after such a long period without rugby, so we’ve discussed that and it’s still open to the choice going forward.”

Italy kicks off the 2022 Guinness Six Nations with a trip to take on France in Paris before hosting England in Rome before the first week of rest.

Crowley claims the team he picked gives the Azzurri the best chance of succeeding in this year’s tournament while preparing them well for the future.

“We have a group of 33 players and you have some experience there but you have a lot of young players,” he said.

“Some of those younger players have been on the team in the last two or three camps though. It’s a bit of both but the immediate target is the Six Nations and doing well at that.

“If we can also develop players along the way, that’s what we hope to do.”

Italy’s full squad for the first two rounds of the 2022 Guinness Six Nations Championship

props: Pietro Ciccarelli (Brave, 17 caps), Danilo Fichte (Zepri Parma, 15 caps), Evan Nemer (Benetton rugby, 3 caps), Tiziano Pasquale (Benetton rugby, 21 caps), Sherif Traore (Benetton rugby, 12 caps). ), Geosui. Zelucci (Zepri Parma, 15 caps)
prostitutes: Ibalaham Fifa (Benetton rugby, 1 cap), Gianmarco Luccese (Benetton rugby, 8 matches), Giacomo Nicotera (Benetton rugby, no cap)
Second row: Nicolo Cannon (Benetton rugby 15 caps) Marco Vozer (Newcastle Falcons 36 caps) Federico Rosa (Benetton rugby 25 caps) David Cisse (Zebri Parma 18 caps).
back row: – Toa Halfihi (Benetton rugby, no cap), Michele Lamaro (Benetton rugby, 10 games) – captain– Sebastien Negri (Benetton rugby, 36 caps), Giovanni Pettinelli (Benetton rugby, 1 cap), Bram Stein (Benetton rugby, 46 caps), Manuel Zoliani (Benetton rugby, no cap).

Half Scrum: Calum Braley (Benetton rugby, 12 caps), Alessandro Fusco (Fiame Oro rugby/Zepri Parma, 2 games), Stephen Varney (Gloucester rugby, 9 games).
Fly halves: Giacomo da Re (FEMI-CZ Rovigo/Benetton Rugby, uncovered), Paolo Garbisi (Montpellier, 13 caps), Leonardo Marin (Benetton Rugby, uncovered)
Positions: Juan Ignacio Prix (Benetton rugby, 8 caps), Luca Morici (Benetton rugby, 36 caps), Marco Zanon (Benetton rugby, 7 caps).
Wingers / Back: Pierre Bruno (Zepri Parma, 1 cap), Montana Ewan (Benetton rugby, 9 caps), Tommaso Minoncello (Benetton rugby, no play), Federico Mori (Bordeaux, 11 caps), Eduardo Padovani (Benetton rugby, 30) international match).

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