Italy’s Mori sends Bordeaux Bigles to the top 14 players list

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Paris (AFP) – Italian winger Federico Mori scored the first double of his career, as the Bordeaux Bagels advanced five points off the top of the French Top 14 on Sunday with a 30-27 home win over Biarritz.

Morey, 21, crossed twice in the last quarter to improve his team’s advantage over second-placed Toulouse.

They missed an offensive bonus point by conceding two attempts in the last 10 minutes.

“We did the strict minimum,” said coach Christoph Orius.

“We dropped a point and could have lost more, so that bothered me,” he added.

The Basques are still at the bottom of the table, but former New Zealand heart Francis Saile’s late effort to seal an extra point leaves them behind Perpignan, who are only 13th in the head-to-head record.

The recent surge in Covid-19 cases across France has affected French rugby with one of its seven weekend matches, the Montpellier-to-Toulon flight, which has been postponed due to coronavirus cases, as well as four matches that were unable to move forward last weekend. .

In addition, from Monday onwards, matches will be played in front of a maximum of 5,000 spectators, or 2,000 spectators for Racing 92’s home matches being played in an indoor arena, in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In-form Bordeaux-Bigles took a 13-6 lead in the first half after former France 8th seed Louis Becamoles attempted but a tough Biarritz defense kept the scores close.

After the break, the gates opened when Morey crossed both sides of Samoa’s seventh attempt of the UJ Seuteni season, making him the season’s top scorer.

Morey’s second attempt ended poorly as he hit a photographer on the touchline, who was hit on the ground with a knee problem.

Five-time league winner Biarritz secured what could be a crucial extra point in a relegation loss as Sally crashed after five minutes of overtime.

“We never give up, we give it our all, which is why I’m proud of the boys,” said coach Sean Surby.

Earlier, Tokyo Olympic champion Aminase Toyamaba made his second attempt of the season as Pau beat Priv 43-20 to move nine points over the 13th-placed Catalan.

Later, former Maori All Blacks fly-half Ihaia West missed an 83rd minute penalty in La Rochelle’s 31-30 loss in Castres and Tuimaba’s Test teammate Josua Tuisova returned from suspension as Lyon host Racing 92.

On Saturday, Toulouse continued to wait for its first league win at Clermont since 2002 after former French player Camille Lopez led Auvergne to a 16-13 victory.

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