New Italian law requires workers to get a Covid vaccine or test

ROME – Italy on Friday set a new standard for major Western democracies seeking to weather the pandemic by enacting a sweeping law requiring the country’s workforce – public and private – to have government-issued health permits, essentially forcing Italians to choose between obtaining one. and earn a living. With this move, Italy, the first … Read more

Can I travel to Italy from the US? Forbes Consultant

Editorial note: We earn commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Panels do not influence editors’ opinions or ratings. Despite concerns about the alternative Omicron for Covid-19, Travel between Italy and the United States is open. But vaccination and testing requirements make it essential to prepare before embarking on your journey. Furthermore, Italy is currently … Read more

Serie A joins Ligue 1 in making vaccination mandatory for sports stars

Italy has joined France in making vaccination mandatory for anyone wishing to play outdoor team sports, which means Premier League players will need to poke around for a move to Serie A in January. The Italian government met this week to implement urgent changes to its coronavirus restrictions, with every athlete in the country – … Read more

Intel Corp expands in France, Germany and Italy in return

Intel Corp.’s global push to increase capacity will include adding facilities in France and Italy, as well as establishing a major production site in Germany, according to people familiar with the negotiations. France will be home to a research and design center, and Italy will be the site of a testing and assembly plant, according … Read more

A dream of post-pandemic Italy at the new Milan fair at Gallery d’Italia

Gaspar van Vettel’s “Doge’s Palace in Venice from San Giorgio” Grand Tour: Dreams … [+] The Gallery of Italy from Venice to Pompeii by Intesa Sanpaolo is currently in Milan. Italy showrooms As Italy and the rest of the world try to look to a post-pandemic future, the new exhibition in Milan shares its message … Read more

Wind turbine opponents in Italy give a sharp message

Roberto Cingolani has an explicit message for Italians opposed to new wind turbines or solar farms in their local area. “The alternative is to get rid of your car, no air conditioning, no mobile phone, no internet at all,” Italy’s energy transport minister told the Financial Times in an interview. “Citizens have to understand this.” … Read more

Abruzzo may be Italy’s best-kept secret

I grew up hearing the word – abruzzo – but didn’t know what it meant. The older generation, their Italian-born parents, often spoke words I did not understand. Words of affirmation, words of food, words of whispering sometimes. As I got older, it became clear that Abruzzo was a place, not just another The most … Read more

You Can Already Stay in the Italian Villas Featured in Season Three of ‘Succession’

If you enjoy Season 3 of HBO Succession As much as we have, you’d also enjoy indulging in the opulent mansions that hosted the Roy family during their eventful stay in Italy. No less than three different properties have been shown in the show’s most recent episodes; From the warmth of Tuscany to the cosmopolitan … Read more

Italy has become more important to the security of the United States. Here are five reasons why.

With the recovery of China’s economic and military power in recent years, US defense preparations have become heavily focused on the western Pacific. However, the United States is a global player with security concerns in other regions. Europe is arguably the region of greatest geopolitical importance to Washington, as it is the cradle of Western … Read more

Amazon fined $1.3 billion by Italian antitrust authorities

Amazon was fined nearly $1.3 billion on Thursday by Italian regulators who accused the company of breaching antitrust laws by granting special concessions to third-party merchants who use Amazon’s warehouse and delivery system. The Italian competition authority’s decision is one of the first examples of a regulator investigating how Amazon is using its extensive logistics … Read more